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Review #1: Adeline's Villa - Gopeng, Perak Malaysia

Bird's eye view of the main dining area

Located in Gopeng, Perak Malaysia,  Adeline's Villa is a cozy resort compound in the midst of lush trees and vegetation and picturesque mountains. The roads leading to the resort are narrow and treacherous that vehicles need to continuously sound their horn to warn other motorists that may be coming from the opposing direction of the one lane mountain road. Durian trees can be seen on the roadside and I did not mind riding at the back of a pickup truck since it offered an unobstructed view of the mountainside. On arrival, we were greeted with friendly people and one of them was Adeline herself.

Wash your own dishes please!
The food is great and is served buffet style. I especially liked the barbecue with a nice selection of Satay and grilled lamb and the seafood dishes cooked in the local way. They ring a bell to announce that the food is ready and if your tired and hungry from Jungle trekking, white water rafting, cave exploring or whatever, you would look forward to hearing that pleasant sound. Interestingly, you are expected to wash your own dishes. I was surprised about that at first but it is just one of those things that contribute to the whole experience of being there.

Dormitory style accommodations 
Accommodations are basic but clean and orderly. You can rent a small hut good for 2 or a big villa that can house 10. The one we stayed at (the big villa for 10) was air-conditioned but I'm not sure if all of the accommodations are (you may inquire directly using the contact numbers in their website).

Surroundings are great for relaxation

At night you will hear nocturnal animals and insects doing their nightly orchestra so if you are not used to hearing that it might be disconcerting especially with all of the lights are out.

Overall, I was quite pleased with my stay in this resort and would definitely recommend this place to others.


  1. That first pic looks like it could be in the Phils. I don't understand why the faucets are open when no one's using the water. :-(

  2. Yeah, I suppose that is the disadvantage of letting the guests wash their own plates. Also, I'm not even sure if the guests are doing a thorough job or are they just rinsing the plates with running water.