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Review #3: Go Hotels Manila Airport Road

When it comes to budget hotels, it is unreasonable to review them next to luxury hotels or normal ones for that matter. In this case, you definitely get what you pay for. But don't get me wrong, that is not a bad thing and there are no complaints here. The accommodations are actually very decent for the price. The staff were all attentive, helpful and courteous. There's wifi available and the rooms are well kept.

Hotel corridor

I think this is one of the better options in terms of an airport hotel if you want to relax a bit in between your next flight (the location is just minutes away from the Ninoy Aquino airport terminals). I have booked using AGODA and compared to the other options nearby it seems to be the best choice at the time.

Elevator area
Do take note that there are no complimentary drinking water provided but vendo type machines are available at the lobby which also offers other beverages. There is a cafe in the lobby also that offers hot meals but I couldn't tell you if it was OK since we opted to look around the area to look for better food options.

Speaking of location, I have to say that this hotel is in the middle of nowhere (that is if you suddenly decide to walk around and explore late at night) . On the way to the nearby commercial complex, you need to pass by dark sidewalks underneath highway ramps and a little caution is always advised when exploring under such conditions (and I do not mean just in Pasay City but everywhere in Metro Manila).

The room itself is very small in terms of space to walk around much less a place to open your luggage. I just had to use the bed and make sure that I repack my luggage after using so that I could stow it away in the cabinet provided. The room is designed that there are separate toilet and bath in either side of the entranceway. Which is convenient if there is more than one people occupying the room. Don't expect more than just the basic toiletries though. Body wash, shampoo, toilet paper, towels. Also the toilet is fitted with a bidet. Hot water for the shower is available.

If there's one complaint I would give is that the doors of the toilet and shower rooms does not completely seal and can be quite visible from the room if you happen to walk along the pathway going to the door (the toilet and shower are positioned opposite each other near the entrance).

An annoying gap on the toilet door as seen from the walkway between the shower and toilet

Some may have some issues with sound proofing for light sleepers but it does not bother me that much. It is good to note that in our room at least, the air-conditioning operated very quietly. Do note that the TV volume has a locked maximum level so as not to disturb the other guests.

Checking out was a breeze and there was no problem getting a taxi/Uber/GrabCar going back to the airport. The concierge was even happy to assist us in arranging for the transportation.

I think I need to explain my specific circumstance in staying in this hotel (since I do after all live in Metro Manila). My mother and I needed to catch an international flight the next day and we just flew in from a domestic destination (roughly 12 hours layover). I thought I'd plan for an overnight stay near the airport rather than risk missing our flight if we encounter any significant delays or cancelations so that we will have ample time to book an alternative flight.

Overall a pleasant stay (may I suggest you eat at the airport first though before heading to this hotel) and I would not hesitate to book again in the future or even recommend it to visiting friends that require a place to stay near the Manila Airport.

Below are some interactive 360 degree photos taken with a Ricoh Theta S. Please wait for the script to fully load and navigate by dragging the center of the photo in any direction you like.

360 View of Room
Go Hotels 360 View
360 View of Room
Go Hotel Toilet 360 View
360 View of Toilet
Go Hotel Shower Room 360 View
360 View of Shower area

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